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How many of these DOS games did you play?

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Before Steam, Origin and Games for Windows Live..hell, before Windows there was DOS; and it was this command-line interface that introduced many of you to video games. Well, provided you fiddled with your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files enough to make sure HIMEM.SYS was in memory and juggled all of your TSR’s so you could free up that important conventional memory.  If that makes you tear up with nostalgia, you’ve probably played as many (or even more!) of these old DOS games as I have.

It’s actually given me a bit of a shock how many games on this list I’ve played; signs of either a misspent youth…or time well utilised.I’m not really sure yet. The image is a little too large to view here, so click to load it up in a new window – zoom in to reminisce –   then come back and tell us which were your favourites, while we all lament the death (or swallowing up) of company’s like Microprose, Westwood, Broderbund, Origin, Sierra and 3D Realms…just to name an unfortunate few.


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Last Updated: June 25, 2012

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