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How much does gaming cost you?

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Gaming, for many of us, is more of a lifestyle than a hobby; it is a privilege. Like most luxuries, it comes an associated cost. In addition to the temporal cost; the time you spend nurturing your achievement or trophy collections there’s also a financial one.

There’s the hardware necessary, the internet-connection  that allows you to “pwn n00bs” online, peripherals – and of course, the games. As far as hobbies (or lifestyles!) go, gaming can be quite an expensive one.

Here’s the question though; how much does your gaming cost you per month, for everything. Average out your annual hardware spend, factor in your games – and if you’re the sort that waits for Steam sales and favours Free to Play, let us everyone know about that too. Maybe we can settle the debate about the associated costs of Console vs PC gaming.

Before children entered my life, I’d happily throw a few K a month at videogames and their related periphery. Now, not so much – though it still eats away at the few pennies I have left.

Once again, today’s FFD comes courtesy of Erwin Kempff. 

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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