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How not to interview a PR rep

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As you’ve no doubt realized by now, 2K had a special media event for us this week. The press gathered round, to eat, drink and socialize. Oh, and to play Battleborn, of course. We already wrote our thoughts on the game, but what about our thoughts for the people who made the event happen? Well, I got in the middle of the PR bromance pair, Graeme Selvan and Devon Stanton for this incredible interview.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most incredible interview, but we had fun chatting to Graeme and Devon. They also make sure we have a good time at their events, and it’s nice to remember that there are humans behind the PR media churn. They have a job to do to get us excited about the games that are coming, even if we see right through them.

Devon is doing well in his new role at 2K, although I miss trolling him. Never fear, we still abuse Graeme enough to make up for Devon’s absence – see, there is balance in the force. At least they’re nice enough to still have us around for their events and it’s always fun to have a silly chat about animals and slang and stuff. Let’s just hope that next time, Devon gets to go on safari, and not just in Graeme’s house.

Last Updated: July 23, 2015

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