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How not to stage a protest; How anonymous’ Sony boycott failed

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This weekend past, Anonymous – the quasi-terrorist internet group anyone can be be a part of – was set to protest against Sony’s actions in the Geohot saga and its DRM policies by staging a global boycott of Sony’s products. Anon users were supposed to protest outside of Sony stores, wearing their adopted “V for Vendetta” masks, handing out fliers to the public to let them know of the company’s tyranny.

“Operation Sony” as Anon dubbed it, has proven to be a rather big failure.

A report back from one anon on the operation’s official Facebook page reads :

“I went to the Sony Outlet in San Diego in the San Ysidro mall. No One was there. I didn’t have materials to make signs. I didn’t have the ink to print fliers. I don’t own a mask. And NO ONE was there. Do you know what I did? at first I waited, then I stood outside the store and I talked to people. I stood there, alone, simply asking people to listen and telling them what was happening.”

Another  went to two different Sony stores, only to be greeted with the same indifference and apathy.

“Well I went to Costa Mesa and no one there, went to LA … no one there… so I stuck fliers places till I got kicked out haha mostly fail if ya ask me :(“

One obviously quite serious boycotter of all things Sony even ended up buying a brand new TV from the evil oppressors.

“Just went to a Sony store for the first time in my life!. Bought a Bravia :)”

The boycott’s official Facebook page is full of derision for the group, labelling it as childish – and branding it the laughing stock of the gaming community. This only adds credence to the belief that Anonymous is mostly comprised of fat, sedentary, pasty-faced socially inept dickwads unable to leave the dank security of their mothers’ basements. They’re cool with hacking, because that means they don’t have to miss out on any time with their precious internets. Well done, Anon..aren’t you an organised bunch of champions, then eh? Maybe if they were promising free doughnuts instead of free speech, things might’ve gone a little better.

Sources : VGChartz, Facebook, FTG

Last Updated: April 18, 2011

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