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How reliable are VGChartz?

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VGChartz vs NPD Recently I have noticed a strange phenomena going around, whenever I publish anything that relates to or mentions VGChartz there is a small but vocal group of people who then refuse to believe anything else that the article contains.

I am not sure why this has started happening but I can only presume that it is based on the fact that VGChartz use estimated figures whilst NPD use solid figures from the suppliers.

At first glance that makes sense but in fact it is not actually correct. Yes VGChartz use estimates but they also reconcile their figures when the factual figures are released and adjust their future estimates accordingly. This basically means that they can get things horribly wrong at times but when you look at the figures over time you will start to see that their estimates are very accurate and VGChartz is actually a perfectly reasonable place to gather statistics from.

Don’t believe me? Well don’t take my word for it but rather head on over to O’Reilly Radar where Robert Passarella has done a scientific and factual comparison between the two and has come to the conclusion that NPD is a perfectly valid place to gather statistical data from.

Source: O’Reilley

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Last Updated: November 12, 2008

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