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How the Xperia Z3 fits into the PlayStation ecosystem

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In case you’ve already forgotten, we are giving away a Sony Xperia Z3 and a PlayStation 4. It’s really quite a magnificent prize and I’m jealous of all of you for being able to enter to win. This wasn’t just a random prize thrown together, though – these were made for each other.

Why, you ask, is the Xperia Z3 the best phone to own when you have a PS4? Well, it all comes down to one simple reason – remote play.

While Remote Play has been available on the PS Vita for some time, it is leaps and bounds better on the Z3. The biggest issue with the Vita? No triggers! The whole experience changes by using the Vita’s controls and it just doesn’t feel the same as playing on your PS4. However, with the Z3’s remote play, you get the full capacity of the DualShock 4 because you’re still using that controller.

Remote Play to the Xperia Z3 is comfortable and easy to use. The Z3 even comes pre-loaded with the PlayStation application. No, this isn’t bloatware. It just makes it easy to connect to your PlayStation account whether you want to claim your PS Plus games or connect to your PS4 for remote play. It’s an easy and intuitive application that makes pairing and navigation easy. But why do you want to Remote Play?

Well, it’s simple – most people only have one (or maybe two) TVs in the house. This means that you have to share your time with the big screen for playing games and watching series or movies or whatever else you like to display on your real TV. It you share your living space with another person, you probably need to compromise on what goes on the TV. With Remote Play, you don’t need to stop playing your game just because it’s time for Shameless or the Sunday night movie. Simply switch over to Remote Play, clip your phone onto your DS4 and continue playing with excellent visuals and all your normal controls. You can even still cuddle your partner if you’re so inclined.

With the Z3 being ridiculously light, this isn’t a pain to hold and is a perfectly acceptable option to playing on the TV. It means you can share your space without compromising on gameplay. Talk about a win-win situation.

So, be sure to enter our giveaway  and realize that you’re not just getting an awesome console and an incredible phone, but that the two were meant to be together.

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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