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How to get the Nemesis Sniper Rifle in The Division 2

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Division 2 Nemesis

Chances are that you’re going to find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of punishment in The Division 2. Bullets are bastards like that. But what if you could finish a fight before it even started? That’s what sniper rifles are for in the game, as there ain’t nothing like a well-placed shot from miles away. There’s no shortage of these wonderful marksman rifles within Washington, with the majority of them boasting that utterly satisfying click-clack of a bullet loaded into a chamber and the resulting ejection of the cylinder that just barfed hot death into somebody’s skull.

So which is the best gun for headshots in The Division 2? If you’re a connoisseur of long-distance bullet trajectories, then the Nemesis is probably high on your agenda. Here’s what it brings to the sniper nest:

Erm…wait hang on. See here’s the catch. Obtaining the Nemesis requires doing some time-gated activities, as the gun is technically available in The Division 2 but also kind of not. Here’s how the quest line works:

Nemesis parts
  • Your game needs to have reached World Tier 5, which can be done by completing the Tidal Basin stronghold
  • You’ll need to clear three of the new Invaded Missions, which will then unlock the Capitol Basin stronghold
  • Complete that stronghold, replay the Tidal Basin stronghold at any difficulty level, up to the point where Manny Ortega tasks you with patching ISAC into a laptop
  • Go upstairs to the room filled with bunkbeds to find the Black Tusk keycard needed for this step
  • Once you reach the hovercraft cargo bay, fight through and take a left instead of a right turn to head through a door
  • Open the locked door with the Black Tusk keycard
  • Inside the room is a weapons crate with the Adrestia SR-1 high-end marksman rifle
  • You’ll need to dismantle this (sob) so that you can grab the Marksman Rifle: Scope – The Tally component
  • Next, you’ll need to kill three people so that you can get the Klutz, Shorty, and Prime components
  • Each of these components can be found on a Black Tusk boss
  • Which means playing the Capitol Building Stronghold again so that you can tangle with Prime, who’ll drop the Marksman Rifle: Barrel – The Scourge component
  • To grab the Marksman Rifle: Bolt component, you’ll need to defeat Shorty in the Roosevelt Island stronghold.
  • As for Klutz, he can be found the invaded District Union Arena stronghold and he’ll drop the the Marksman Rifle: Stock – The Bridle component on his death
  • Here’s the catch: These strongholds will only unlock in the days that are still to come, with invaded strongholds being on a rotation

And there you go! That’s how you can get the Nemesis marksman rifle in The Division 2…eventually.

Last Updated: April 10, 2019


  1. Kromas

    April 11, 2019 at 07:01

    Too late as the rotation happens today I believe.


  2. Sageville

    April 11, 2019 at 10:16

    I’m all about this!


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