I believe I can fly

Grand Theft Auto V is good and I mean really good. The guys and girls at Rockstar have really outdone themselves this time, but in a game that is so massive there are bound to be glitches and the latest one to be found is the ability to launch your vehicles crazy distances across the map.

The guys at SomeFilthyCasuals have put together some video’s showcasing the two current ways to launch your vehicle.

First up is the railway or train launch, which as you can tell by the name consists of you getting in the way of a train and waiting for the inevitable.

To perform this launch you need to find an indestructible item next to a railway line, such as a barrier or concrete block, and then park your vehicle into that with the back of the vehicle being on the railway track.

Then wait for the Thomas the Tank Engine to come along and launch you. This method doesn’t get you much distance but it is fun enough.

However if you want to take your launching to new heights then take a look at the gate method.

Again for those without video viewing privileges all you need to do is get yourself a vehicle and head to the expensive part of the city. Then you need to drive into a gate and if you do it right the gate will start glitching and then you will find yourself saying hi to the birdies.

Apparently this version is much harder to consistently achieve but as you can see by the last launch in that video the height you can achieve is outstanding.

This is similar to the swing set launch that was so popular in GTA IV.

I’m so going to be trying this out later.

Last Updated: September 25, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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