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How unsecure is Xbox Live?

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The rumours have been going around for a long time now about Xbox Live users being constantly hacked and money stolen from their accounts.

So far Microsoft has placed the blame for all hacks on users losing their security details through phishing attempts or by being careless with their details but how many cases do we have to hear before we start to lose faith in Xbox Live.

The latest article comes from a dedicated Sony Playstation site, TheSixthAxis, which is obviously not the most reliable site for anti-Xbox articles but at the same time TSA have been around for a long time and would likely not risk their reputation on a simple trolling article.

The entire article is worth a read but the TL;DR version is that he lost access to his account last year and after finally getting it back he saw his last game was played FIFA 11 which he never owned. The FIFA link to the Xbox hacking is very worrying.

Now again this year he lost access to his account again and when he did get it back a whole pile of money had been spent on a credit card he didn’t tie to the account.

The worrying thing is that Microsoft are either lying about the attacks or don’t believe anything is happening on their side and believe this is all from social hacking attempts but far to many reports are popping up to back up that theory.

I have a theory of my own though, every hack so far that I’ve heard off has mentioned an EA games title and that title is usually FIFA.

All EA games titles verify themselves against the EA servers on startup and what possibly may be happening is that someone has found a chink in the EA armour (please don’t fire me) and are somehow accessing the XBL details from the EA side.

This would explain why Microsoft’s security and monitoring teams can’t find any proof of an attack on their system and why EA always appears to be involved.

Either way do you feel safe with your XBL details and have the hack claims made you rethink how many points you store on your account at any one time?

On a total side note, Microsoft has never mentioned anything about this in passing or confidence or publicly. I know there is a great conspiracy out there that Microsoft tries to massage the media but it’s 100% not true in this scenario

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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