We already know that you’ll be able to share physical copies of PlayStation 4 games without any meddlesome, intrusive DRM – but Sony’s now detailed how you might be able to do the same with your digitally downloaded titles as well.

In truth, it doesn’t fundamentally function any different to how you’d share or access your digital PlayStation 3 games right now.

If you’re signed in as the primary user, you have access to your entire library of digital games – no matter what console you’re playing on. You will, naturally, have to download said games on the new console, but that is because quantum computing isn’t a commercially viable thing yet. Games downloaded by the primary user, on the primary console will function across all games on that console as well, exactly as it is right now on the PS3 (and Xbox 360 as well).

What is neat is that you’re allowed two instances of the primary user being logged in at any one time – so if you have a household with two PlayStation 4’s because you earn entirely too much money, you can be signed in on both and have access to all of the content on either machine. You would, for example, only have to buy Killzone: Shadow Fall once, to be able to play it co-op in your own home.

The same rule applies to PlayStation Plus and its content – so you only need one subscription per household. Neat. Each PSN account will need to be tied to a ‘primary’ PS4 console.

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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