Huge Boycott Against Left 4 Dead 2 – Angry Fanboy Video Included

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Anyone who was following our E3 2009 coverage will know that one of the games announced during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference was the brand new Left 4 Dead 2 title slated for release later this year.

As we all know, the original Left 4 Dead was only released for PC and Xbox 360 less than a year ago, which poses somewhat of a large problem, especially for Valve’s devout followers.

Valve are sitting with a bit of colossal problem problem at the moment, in that around over 10 000 gamers are now boycotting the release of the new game.

Valve made promises to fully support Left 4 Dead and add a lot more content. A lot of gamers are really angry with Valves move, find out more and check out a fan made video that explains why, after the jump.

If you watch the video below, you will see that Valve really did make a lot of promises in terms of additional content and support for the original Left 4 Dead, and what’s better, is that it was all caught on camera during interviews before the games release.

It’s a no brainer that people are really bitter about this whole deal, because Valve are usually so good at supporting their communities for long after their games’ releases. With promises of new missions, weapons, monsters and characters all going down the toilet with the announcement of a full new title, they have very much gone against their world and let down their followers.

What do you think? Was it a bad move? I think this boycott may very well change the way that Valve has to approach Left 4 Dead 2.

Here are the reasons that the group has for boycotting the game, some are valid and some are just nitpicking, but they mostly make a strong enough case to be honest.

  • Significant content for L4D1 was promised, and never delivered
  • Valve put little faith in L4D1 since they almost certainly started working on L4D2 right after release
  • The fact that L4D2 is nearly identical to L4D1 will decimate the community for both games
  • The announced date is not nearly enough time to polish content or make significant gameplay changes
  • The new character designs seem bland and unappealing so far
  • L4D2 is too bright to fit in with L4D1’s visual aesthetic
  • The fiddle-based horde music is extremely disliked, though the differently orchestrated music is otherwise welcome
  • L4D2’s release will result in a drop in quality and frequency for L4D1 content, even compared to before
  • The community has lost faith in Valve’s former reputation for commitment to their games post-release

Here’s the video, it’s not terribly bad but I’m going to say it’s not safe for work anyway.

Source: Hell Descent

Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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