I don’t even need a proper headline for all these Mortal Kombat X videos

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Kinda looks like a younger Steven Seagal

Like most of you, I’m also getting tired of talking about Mortal Kombat X. I’ve been dumping hyperbole-coal into the Mortal Kombat X train for what seems like forever now, ever since the game was first announced. I’m still excited for the game, make no mistake, and it’s only a few more days until its out in the wild. Crap, there I go with that crazy hyperbole talk again. Crazy like Kung Lao’s 20% combo attack kids! CRAP, I DID IT AGAIN!

I’m going to shut up now, and hit you with videos instead. Fan favourite and bastard-boss Goro will be joining the roster as a pre-order bonus, payable playable DLC character and bonus entrant in next year’s Komplete Kollection. Here’s what he looks like in action, thanks to GamesHQMedia capturing the recent Kombat-Kast:

Plus check out his fatalities. Rather disarming stuff:

And like any other game on the way, Mortal Kombat X does have a launch trailer to go with it as well. A launch trailer, that uses the catchy hit Chop Suey from hardcore awesome band, System Of A Down. Wake up! Grab a brush and put on a little bit of make-up! Hide the scars to  sjdghsalkghaslkg! Why your leave your keys on the table!? Is it beacue smgskghsdl;kgjsd;flkgj?!

Mortal Kombat X is finally, finally out on April 14. And once I have it, I’m going to leave Geoff’s face with a System Of The Downs when my overconfidence and lack of any skill whatsoever pays off and kicks his ass in the head.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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