I Human – An Augmented Life

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Technology as we know it, is progressing faster than ever. I myself had my teeny little mind exploding upon hearing that there was something greater than the current HD resolutions we employ in everyday life. I knew it was out there in some sneaky high tech lab, but it seems that TV’s containing such astronomical specs are available at exuberant prices exist. This is what really made it sink into my reality, that if I had the money, I could ready myself for the next gen of consoles with a magical box packed with bazillions of pixels.

One notion that’s been in humankinds mind for a good few decades, is that of augmented reality. Heck, as gamers we have seen what it would be like hypothetically (Deus Ex anybody?), and it seems all fine and dandy to some extent. I think it would be great to a point, but where do we draw the line? What are its limits? I personally tend to assume that if augmented reality were to become a … reality (doh!), that it would predominantly be used for gaming, right? How about living your life and fulfilling achievements like you would on your console of choice? Pick out a set of clothes, "Dress yourself" achievement unlocked! Brush your teeth consistently for 10 days, "Blinding Pearls" achievement unlocked! It all seems a little bit silly.

Enter a student short film, with their perspective on the matter. Contact lenses that shape the world around you? Sounds pretty sweet! Our subject within the film lives in the barest of apartments, yet his wall is covered with paintings and pieces that don’t exist in real life, as well as achievements in his life. There is a constant stream of information in front of his eyes, organising the world, letting him experience an element of choice with what he does.

Take a look at the full article for yourself here, to have a brief synopsis of what happens. Or you could just ignore the work you have to do, and spend the next 8 minutes watching the actual film.

Over the top? I’m not too sure. That sort of life seems possible within the next decade or two. Think about how your life has changed just with the advent of phone technology. You can’t hide from the world can you? Imagine a life permanently plugged into a server. I like being human thanks.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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