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iAfrica lists their Best Games of 2007

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Portal ReviewI while back I was offered the chance to review a game on behalf of iAfrica and then towards the end of last year they sent me a list of games and categories and asked me vote for my games of 2007.

Well the awards are out and the one that I am happiest about is that my tip for suprise of the year has become the Editors suprise hit of the year. Crackdown.

Honestly that was easily one of my favourite games of 2007 and I am really looking forward to the sequel.

Lair was the disappointment of the year which suprises no one except the rabid PS3 fan in the corner. Bioshock beats out COD4 for top spot and the iAfrica 2007 game of the year is…..

Portal…. Nice choice, I like seeing originality getting rewarded… Follow the link for all the winners.

games.iafrica.com | features Best Games of 2007

Last Updated: January 16, 2008

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