If you don’t like Too Human you’re dumb

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Too Human

Okay he didn’t put it in those words but the infamous Denis Dyack had once again opened his mouth and let crap fall out.

When speaking to OXM he mentioned

“What we’re also seeing is for the people who don’t like it, generally just don’t get it. And it’s because we’ve created something so innovative and different. It’s ironic, it just shows that human nature of if you don’t understand something, you immediately attack it. It’s pretty interesting in that regard”

Now I remember someone else trying this tactic with Space Giraffe and failing miserably.

Believe it or not Denis, some people do get it and still don’t think it’s any good. I personally will withhold judgement for now but I would recommend toning down the arrogance before people react by shunning the game. I am sure the shareholders would enjoy that.

Source: OXM.co.uk

Last Updated: August 20, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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