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If you want those free games off The Epic Games Store, you’ll need to start protecting your account

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Whatever your feelings on The Epic Games Store, one thing that I doubt many people can reasonably shake their fists at in ire are the abundance of free games it dishes out. It’s pretty wild how every week there’s something new to jump into, making life a lot easier for cash-strapped or casual gamers just looking for new things to try out. While it was originally only meant to last the first year the store was active, Epic has seemingly seen so much success in the program that they’ve…just not stopped. Free games are still given out nearly every week, sometimes in bundles of two or more! They’re not even bad games, as I’ve scooped up Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Ape Out and Into The Breach all for free, among loads of others!


If you want to take advantage of all these free games in future you’ll have to be a bit more safe, according to Epic. Which is some dubious phrasing on my behalf but it’s actually not sinister at all. Epic Games has confirmed that two-factor authentication is now mandatory for anyone using the store, even if you’re just redeeming a free product. Which is slightly annoying, but it’s also just decent internet practice nowadays. Really, it’s just a tiny inconvenience that only helps keep your account more tightly locked down so it might be a pretty good idea to do it anyway.

From today through to 21 May 2020, all users will have to turn on two-factor authentication to purchase off The Epic Games Store. I assume after that date the choice is up to you but clearly Epic is just doing its best to persuade everyone to get onboard the safety train, even if it is slightly coercive. To turn on your two-factor authentication, just head on over here and fill in your details.

Last Updated: April 29, 2020

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