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media.jpeg Here is something interesting. It seems that Universal Pictures and Sony have signed a deal to make a whole bunch of crazy new vending machines that will contain Blu-rays, DVD’s, games and all other sorts of media.

At the moment, the vending machines are only planned for the UK. According to a report from Stuff.tv:

“The PoP “entertainment vending machine” is a brand new venture between Universal Pictures and Sony entertainment to allow punters to grab their favourite DVDs, Blu-ray discs, PS3 games and downloads 24/7.”

At launch, they plan to have 150 movie titles available. What I think is really great is that you will also be able to download music and movies directly to your MP3/movie straight from the machine and even watch trailers to help you decide if the movie is worth the purchase.

When they arrive, they will be available in cinemas, universities, gyms and some travel stations. A new era for software distribution maybe?

All I know is that they had better have those things bolted down to the floor pretty tightly.

source: Stuff.tv via 1UP

Last Updated: November 3, 2008

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