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I’m totally convinced that we’ll see a Destiny 2 announcement next month

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Destiny 2 is coming, and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me talking about it. Unless it involves exploiting my one weakness: Bullets and blunt force trauma to the head. Two! Two weaknesses! Bullets, blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. THREE DAMMIT! Anyway, between now and presumably September 2017, the interim of Destiny is a little bit unclear.

While the Sparrow Racing League is around the corner, the rest of 2017 is still a mystery. In a post Rise of Iron era, developer Bungie has promised more content being available and they might be teasing some of that stuff next month. Or even the sequel, because I’m clearly reading way too much into this. My tinfoil hattery comes from a line on the weekly Bungie update, as community manager Deej revealed that the team were readying themselves for the horrors of US airport security:

The week after, we’ll be packing our bags for Anaheim, CA. The particulars of our mission are still a mystery. We’ll cross that finish line soon.

That is of course a referral to the PlayStation Experience, which takes place in Anaheim from December 3 to 4. It’s also two days after the imaginatively titled Game Awards, a show which has become a mini-E3 as of late thanks to all the annual reveals shown at it. Could we be seeing our first glimpse at Destiny 2, which I’m totally hoping is going to be called Deuxstiny?

The answer as always, is a very definite maybe. My only concern at the moment, is reward. At the moment, I’m a bit hesitant to invest more time into Destiny and Rise of Iron, especially if the rumours about players restarting their adventure at square one turn out to be true. I’ve got a chronal and emotional investment in my primary Guardian, a Stormcaller Warlock who proudly wears Days of Iron armour and wields more Bad Juju than an EFF rally.

I don’t want to lose that guy, but I’m not feeling the need to play if I’m not building towards a new goal either. C’mon Bungie, wow me next month.

Last Updated: November 18, 2016

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