Image leaked from Bioware's reveal trailer

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A few weeks ago, Nick posted the teaser trailer for a new Bioware game that’ll get officially announced tomorrow  at the Spike VGA. I then posted news of a rumour that Sony Russia had accidentally revealed the teaser to be for Mass Effect 3. No further news on that rumour here though.

What we do have is a leaked still from the full reveal trailer that we’ll all get to see tomorrow (Saturday 11 December). In the teaser trailer, we saw the guy in the header image taking aim at something in the ruins bellow him. This leaked image might show us what he was aiming at, and it’s a little unnerving. Want to see it?

From the looks of it, our shooter is aiming at an unarmed woman who is reaching down to help somebody who has fallen. Behind them you can just make out another person. Are they survivors of something? Is the guy from the trailer finishing a job? Or is our shooter actually covering them from something else entirely and merely looking through his scope to see their progress? Ooh the intrigue!

We’ll know all tomorrow as the Spike VGAs start at 6AM South African time. Anybody figured out how we’ll get to watch it?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: December 10, 2010

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