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Impress your friends with these 7 facts about Bulletstorm

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Bulletstorm was released to the world last week and we, like many others, have been spending our nights brutally murderlizing baddies and giggling at dick jokes. Well except that we get to write it off as work.

We compiled this list of facts about Bulletstorm for you to impress your friends, amaze your family and pick-up hotties in the park. Ok well, we can’t guarantee any of those but it’s the thought that counts.

Here we go. Hit the jump for the list.

1. Half of the cast is voiced by the X-Men From Mass Effect


Wolverine is really angry all the time, so is Grayson Hunt. Coincidence? Uhm, yeah… we think so actually.

Say what now? Yes, if those voices sounded familiar it’s for a good reason. Bulletstorm’s protagonist Grayson Hunt is voiced by Steve Blum, otherwise known as the voice of Wolverine (the characters look an awful lot alike as well don’t they?). The game’s female lead Trishka Novak is voiced by none other than Jennifer Hale, known for her sterling performance as the female Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect games.

The real kicker? Steve Blum also happened to be the voice of Grunt in Mass Effect 2 and Jennifer Hale happened to voice Jean Grey in the X-Men animated series. However when it comes to voice work, it’s not unlikely that you will see the same names over again. We are all still just amazed that Nolan North doesn’t seem to feature anywhere.

2. There’s something extra after the end credits

We can’t really say much here as we don’t ever want to run the risk of spoiling anything for anyone, but this one pretty much speaks for itself. When the end credits are running, you have the option to return to the main menu or pause, but leaving it to run to the end… well, we will stop there.

3. Bulletstorm pokes fun at the infamous Red Ring of Death hardware failures that plagued the Xbox 360

You have to take your hat off to People Can Fly for this one, because while we all really find it funny, the folks at Microsoft probably weren’t as pleased to see that a faulty door in the game’s beginning level flashes the RROD or Red Ring of Death. Either way, they totally slipped it in and it’s funny as hell.

4. Some Skillshots can be seen in the trailers that either changed or never made it into the final game

Bulletstorm boasts an impressive list of 150 different ways to kill enemies, including shooting people in the ass, pulling peoples heads off with leashes and even kicking giant drills through their chests but as impressive as that number is, some still didn’t make the cut.

In the trailers, skillshots like 4th of July, Frequent Flyer, Machinist and Mass Murderer can be seen but are not in the final game. Some skillshots underwent minor alterations or name changes, such as Double Ignition which was changed to X-Ray and Bad Touch, which applied to all environmental skillshots but was eventually split into context-specific skillshots such as Voodoo Doll for impaling and Pricked for kills that involved the enemies flying into giant Cacti.

Last Updated: March 2, 2011

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