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In Other News – 01 August 2011

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Its the first of August! Which is probably meaningful in some way, but who actually knows? Don’t look at me for answers alright, just go read up about the day on Wikipedia or something.

In Other News: Fighting game ports, rumours surrounding a popular sandbox game and a graphical upgrade mod that will break all but the weakest of PC’s.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to find Nick, who we suspect is running around the city, randomly hitting people and shouting SHORYUKEN, after having spent the entire weekend watching the Evo 2011 Tournament. That’s what several hours of uninterrupted Marvel Versus Capcom 3 does to your mind kids.


Battlefield 3 begins their advertising campaignNew Crysis 2 mod looks even better, will burn your PC out
Was Catherine going to be released on PC at some stage?
Street Fighter X Tekken might make its way to the 3DS
Call of Duty Killstreaks completely revamped
GTA V Rumours Wrap Up
What to expect from StarHawk at Gamescom


Six things that Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer doesn’t need
The most satisfying finishing moves in gaming
The history of video game deaths
11 Best of the rest, 2011 games
The best gaming cosplay of San Diego ComicCon 2011


Super Mario Bros on the Unreal engine
Diablo 3 Gameplay footage
Battlefield 3 customisation in action
Bleach Soul Resurrection gameplay

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Last Updated: August 1, 2011

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