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In Other News – 01 December 2011

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“Goodbye November, hello December”, as one musical special featuring the two Ronnies and numerous scantily clad extras told me when I was just an impressionable child. With that being said, the year is starting to tick away towards the end, bringing some much needed vacation time and relaxation for the nation.

At least we can finish the year off looking at lovely local ladies. Today’s homegrown hottie, brought to you by LW Mag, is Kirsten Maarschalk, who loves chocolates and cocktails.

In Other News: Guild Wars teases us, Skyrim doesn’t believe in the power of love and why your 3DS will continue to gather dust.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy learning about the scariest spider of all time.


If you say that the Elder Scrolls 5 is not for women, this is what happens
3DS Ambassador games delayed until next year
New details for Metal Gear HD Ultimate collection contents
PS Vita games will not have a fixed price
Activision extends Founder sign-ups for Call of Duty Elite
Bethesda continuing to claim that Interplay only had right to use Fallout name, nothing else
Guild Wars 2 final class to be revealed in December
Very few Skyrim characters bother with marriage


Playstation 4: Why it won’t be what you expect
Top five things that won’t fly with the next generation
Do gamers suffer from eye-strain?
Top five online point ‘n click games
The terrifying future of online pass codes


Bang bang racing launch trailer
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes debut teaser
VGA 2011 Fall of Cybertron teaser

Model: Kirsten Maarschalk

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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