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In Other News – 02 February 2012 Homegrown Hotties Edition

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Well I had a lovely surprise last night. After a vigorous session playing Soul Calibur V, I decided to give the game, and my body, a break and get some well-deserved shut eye. Hopping onto my bed, I quickly discovered that it was surprisingly warm and wet underneath my back, while the cat sat above me on the window ledge with a guilty look on its face, before cheesing off from the scene of the crime.

So guess who spent an uncomfortable night on the couch trying to sleep while his reeking bedding was spinning in the washing machine?

If you’re ignoring my story and ogling the header above though, I don’t blame you. Today’s lovely Homegrown Hottie, courtesy of LW Mag, is Kylie Van Niekerk, a young adventure junkie from Cape Town who loves also happens to be a bit of a bad girl. Read more about Kylie here.

In Other News: Phoenix Wright attempts to invade court-rooms on a global scale, Dynasty Warriors gets a delay in 3D and we discover what makes Dubai a great place for gaming.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy plotting to murder my cat.


Ford credits games like Gran Turismo for increasing brand awareness
The White House wants to study the benefits of video games
Dynasty Warriors 3DS gets delayed
Rumour: The next kinect will feature an onboard processor
Video game developer Spike wants to release an RPG on baby-making
GTA 4 Composer Michael Hunter returns for fifth game
Dragons Dogma shows off gorgeous art and new character class gameplay
Phoenix Wright film for a worldwide release?


Does gaming really need 3D?
Why Dubai is the perfect video game playground
10 HD Collections that we’d pay to play
What the Wii U can do for our favourite franchises


Skyrim Creation Kit trailer
Dragons Dogma – Story Trailer
Prototype 2 – Radnet trailer

Across the Networks

Colin Firth gets tangled in Devils Knot
We review Seeking Justice – A flawed but surprisingly decent thriller
Darren Aronofsky wants to make a Noah film, also wants Rusell Crowe in the lead role
Gary Oldman signs on for Motor City
Joe Johnston is back with Not safe for work
GI Joe Retaliation superbowl trailer looks surprisingly fun
Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin are Standup guys
Siri finally meets its match
Scorpion Skin armour could stop machinery from being sand-damaged
Skynet just took ANOTHER step forward
Laser tag for the next generation

Model: Kylie Van Niekerk

Last Updated: February 2, 2012

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