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In Other News – 02 March 2012 Weekend Edition

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Catrinel Menghia

I suppose I should say something witty and humorous, but right now, I’m tired, thirsty, and happen to be slowly melting due to some oppressive heat. Not that I mind the heat, I still love it, but even I have my limits.

So I bought a fan last night in order to give me some cooling relief, but wouldn’t you know it, the damn thing looked as if Ace Ventura had handled the delivery. It was cracked and battered, and the shop was closed. Now, I need to take it back, but the damn cat has hopped into the box, and any attempt to remove her is met with a multi-coloured paw of sharp claws and speed.

I think I might not survive the weekend if I don’t get this fan returned on time for a new one.

In Other News: We get all motion-controlley with some Angry Birds, hit the basketball courts with Justin Bieber and we hear that Sony has some interesting stuff lined up for E3. Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy passing out from blood loss after the cat managed to score a maximum combo attack on my hands.

This week on Lazygamer

FFD – Are video games going too far with sexuality?
The Jak and Daxter Trilogy HD Review – Jak in a box
Move Street Cricket reviewed – Unfortunately
Lazygamer TV – Asura’s Wrath Review – It’s just a flesh wound
MTG Dark Ascension Gleeful Flames Review  – We don’t need no water
Everything that you ever wanted to know about the Sims 3 stuff packs
Alan Wake American Nightmare Review – From Dusk till yawn
Alan Wake PC Review -  I pray the lord my soul to take
Lazygamer <3 G3ar Mass Effect 3 competition
This isn’t a Vita! I just got trolled by Sony


Mojang hires developers from Minecraft community
Interesting stuff lined up for E3, says Sony boss
Violence in video games needs to affect people, says Spec Ops Writer
Mass Effect 3 reputation system explained
Angry Birds showcased with gesture control
id Software responds to leaked Doom 4 screenshots
Justin Bieber to make his next video game debut in NBA 2K franchise
Prototype 2 is similar to GTA 4


Top 7 video game endings that didn’t suck
Is Dragons Dogma the Capcom answer to Skyrim?
Why Americans should appreciate Assassin’s Creed 3
Actresses who are sexier than the video game characters that they portray


Mass Effect 3 – Grit trailer
Rayman 3 HD – Power-up trailer
Wipeout 2048 – Where it all began trailer

Across the Networks

The Frankenweenie trailer is full of heart-warming love for a dead dog
Win a Project X hamper with the movies!
Prepare for more Muppets, as the sequel is currently being written!
Red Band trailer for That’s my boy looks really funny – Except for Adam Sandler of course
Movies out today – Five for the whole family
The trailer for Noobz may be the worst gamer movie ever made
Ultimate Harry Potter Wizards collection is now available for pre-order
This ATM gives out cupcakes instead of cash
Tired of strangers having loud conversations? Hit ’em with a speech jammer
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III – Prepare for more pixels and frames per second

Model: Catrinel Menghia

Last Updated: March 2, 2012

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