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In Other News – 03 August 2011

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Daisy Lowe

Whats up oh loyal Lazygamer readers? Having a decent day? Wednesday got you down yet? Well not me, no sirree, as I’ve got some great news today thats just kept my spirits more charged than ever, like that time I was hooked up to car battery when my chopper crashed in a Somalian war zone.

My shengen Visa finally arrived today, which means that next week I’ll be hopping onto a plane bound for Germany, in time for the GamesCom 2011 Expo.

In Other News: Graphical pissing contest, some old favourites who are due for a comeback and fanboys that make you want to pull your hair out, from time to time. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy having practicing my German. According to Geoff, the German phrase for directions is “Ich habe ansteckend durchfall, bitte halten Sie Abstand”.



Starfox will be reborn if enough people buy the 3DS version
How many game studios does Sony actually own?
Crytek says that the Cryengine does what Unreal can’t
Id Software: Sometimes our fans drive us nuts
Catherine is the biggest launch ever for publisher Atlus
Heatwave launches free trial for Gods and Heroes
Bioshock Infinite will push players hard


Six video game franchises who are due for a comeback
Modding old Nintendo handheld consoles
10 Games to get excited for in 2012
The future of cinematic gaming


God of War: Origins interview
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet gameplay
8 bit Assassins Creed
Top ten Evo 2011 moments


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Last Updated: August 3, 2011

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