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In Other News – 03 February Weekend Edition

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Kristen Bell

This has not been the best day for me, work-wise. Trying to get any work done was a Herculean task, due to not one, but both of my internet connections acting like a tortoise on roofies. And trying to rangle some help from technical support wasn’t any easier either, with most calls being answered by an irate Irishman who told me to “try turning it off and on again” before even listening to what my problem was.

Still, things eventually came right, which allowed me to type my fingers to the bone to get content published in time. Those speed-typing classes were worth the cash I paid to sit in for. Thank goodness it’s weekend.

In Other News: A passionate plea to launch GTA V in July, Julia gets some lollipop-alternative outfits and Prototype 2 grunts at us.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I went mental after listening to the Telkom waiting music after hours of being on hold.

This week on Lazygamer

Soul Calibur V Review – The soul still burns
The Evopoints download of the week
MTG Dark Ascension review – Picking at Skaabs
Your guide to local game distributors and social media
Trine 2 Review – Trine a little tenderness
The Sims 3 master Suite Review – Get stuffed
Saints Row 3 Genki Bowl DLC Review – I didn’t survive a Japanese game show
Orb 2 Kinect and Playstation Move Universal Mount Review
Moosas Musings – This is what is wrong with Skyrim


Why Rockstar should launch GTA V in July
Rainbow Six Patriots will use Augmented Reailty for in-game sequences
Legends of Pegasus – New Screenshots
Does "The Last Story" signal the end for the Wii?
Lollipop Chainsaw gets a few outfit bonuses
Street Fighter X Tekken goes gold
Prototype 2 – The grunts
Pokemon Black and White event heralds the return of Arceus


Explaining the "WTF" genre
Death on the high street – Is this the end of the retail games specialist shop model?
Playstation Vita – 3G versus Wi-Fi
Gaming with big business – Does it equal Game Over?


Ghost Recon – gameplay debut trailer
SSX- Developer diary for online features part 2
A Game of Thrones – Riverspring trailer

Across the Networks

The trailer for 7500 will make air travel very uncomfortable for you
Friday Movie Quiz: Whose line is it anyway?
Russell Crowe as Robocop?
Movies hitting SA cinemas today – Mediocre crime thrillers, an Oscar nominee and a Razzie contender
Hunger games 2 trailer – Despite my better judgement, I still want to see this
Motorola beats apple with a stunning German lawsuit victory
Zap your lights on and off
Who wants to be a leather Batman?
The French are not happy with Google and their free maps

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Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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