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In Other News – 03 November 2011 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Finally, some glorious sunshine has made its way down to my side of the coast. It’s been colder than a review of a Rob Schneider movie over here, so it’s really nice that I actually get to wear some shorts for once, basking in weather that is warm and inviting.

Of course, Mother Nature has a case of the quid pro quos over here, so I’m guessing that tomorrow I’ll be hit with showers heavy enough to warrant buying a water-proof computer and scuba-diving kit.

At least before this mini-apocalypse hits, I can look at more pics of the lovely Anesca Swart, a Joburg-based gamer fanatic who happens to be pretty damn good at Need for Speed. I think I’m in love.

In Other News: Saints Row invades a petrol station, Sony releases some 3D images of their 3D setup and Capcom begins teasing us with something on Facebook.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy figuring out how the hell to ride that new one-wheel motorcycle that I bought on yet another impulsive whim.


Capcom is teasing a surprise when it reaches 1.5 million likes on Facebook
New images of the Sony 3D Core kit
Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 install size revealed
Saints Row takes over a petrol station for real
Gamestop cancels their gaming tablet device
FIFA Servers are currently down
Cliffy B: “Mass Effect 3 pre-demo is beautiful”
THQ Isn’t worried about GTA 5
Diablo 3 Beta patch 5 is coming


Games as art – Are we there yet?
Pizza Huts Halo pizza is real
What’s next for Uncharted?
Top Ten forgotten horror games


Kid denied Pokémon cards, freaks out
F1 2011 3DS trailer
Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer briefing

Model: Anesca Swart

Last Updated: November 3, 2011

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