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In Other News – 03 October 2011

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Well, Geoff is on vacation this week, and its been considerably quiet today. There’s been far less threats of physical violence and missing bottles of booze, but even so, we still miss the guy bunches. He’s off on some well deserved vacation, while we can only hope to keep the fort running efficiently while he’s out.

I mean, we don’t how he does it, but the trained man-eating cows we have in the server room will only listen to his commands, so we have no idea what to do if something goes wrong, because we’re fresh out of interns to use as a sacrifice distraction, if anything goes wrong in that room. But we should be fine. Right?

In Other News: Charlize Theron wins us over yet again, Metal Gear gets the fancy treatment and we wonder if the PS Vita can finally beat Nintendo in the handheld market.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to figure out the password on that protected hard drive Geoff keeps hidden away…


Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC plans announced
Charlize Theron hosts Rage launch party
The Australian Video Game classification system is “Broken”
How hackers are targeting Diablo 3 beta testers
Naughty Dog would love to bring back the Legacy of Kain franchise
Assassins Creed 3 rumours
This guy wants a DOTA 2 beta key badly
Metal Gear Solid HD collection gets the limited treatment
Hudson working on new Bloody Roar game


Before they were superstars: Bioware
The improvements we’d like to see in Warhammer: Space Marine 2
Why gaming needs “The Last Guardian”
Why the PS Vita can win the handheld wars
Get every collectible in Dead Island


Ten of the best Minecraft videos
Shinobi 3DS street pass trailer
Sonic Generations Dreamcast trailer

Model: Pamela David

Last Updated: October 3, 2011

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