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In Other News – 03 October 2012

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I’ve just realised, that I have a stack of games from my last humble bundle stiil to play, and while I’ve had a blast with Bastion, I’ve completely neglected Psychonauts, which shames me. To make up for that, I’m going to go download it now and wall myself up in a room, and not break out until I finish it. Now, if one of you would be so mind to pick up my daily buckets which will need to be emptied, so that they may be reused…

In Other News: Baby baby in NBA, Dead Space shoots a honey badger, tearing the new PS3 slim to pieces quite literally, Romero returns, the achievements of Medal of Honour, why it ain’t always great to be a badass, The Lone Ranger saddles up and which jobs will make you drink a helluva lot of coffee.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy comparing the sizes of our guns today.


Ion Storm co-founder is Kickstarting an old school RPG project
Don’t be too surprised by a Kingdom Hearts 2 HD remake
Justin Bieber is in NBA 2K13 – Souls crushed
The new PS3 Slim, torn to pieces
Dead Space 3 adds fan-made gun, the HUN E1 Badger, to Isaacs arsenal
Resident Evil 6 PS3 patch fixed – Sony
Anno 2070 domination mode mapped out by developers
Medal of Honour Warfighter achievements detailed


Being badass isn’t always better
Deconstructing Nemesis
I can’t stop playing Slender – The horror paradox
Can stealth make a comeback?


Code of Princess – Launch trailer
Terraria – Console trailer
Project Cars – Never stop trailer

Across the Networks

Google is looking at the smartwatch business
The 15 most coffee-guzzling jobs out there
You’ll never sleep through your iPhone prompt again, with this old school alarm
Guilty Pleasures – Flushed Away
George Clooney wants a couple of artists for the Monuments of men
Hey Kemosabe, it’s the Lone Ranger trailer, with pics
Go old school with this trailer for Ernest and Celistine
Sherlock and Robocop might be teaming up for a Wikileaks movie
Midweek Mouth Off – Playing it safe
Casting call shortlist for female lead in Captain America: Winter Soldier, reveals that the Black Widow may just drop by
McG’s still untitled film just found its lead new lead and it’s who?

Model: Gabriella Cilmi

Last Updated: October 3, 2012

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