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In Other News – 03 September 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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We never had a chance to do our local hottie of the week, a few days ago, due to gremlins, but here she is! Our LW Mag sponsored lady is Kate Lovemore, a Durban interior designer and videographer who digs to cuddle, provided that you don’t smell of week-old BO. Read more about her here.

In Other News: Star Wars goes beyond, Liam Neeson drinks a milkshake, Hitman goes pure, Resident Evil 6 has been stolen, Guild Wars 2 is number one and Mojang frames a lawsuit.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we had to combine our dancing powers to save the planet!


Star Wars The Old Republic: Terror from beyond, detailed
How to annoy Hideo Kojima – Ask him about Project Ogre
Hitman Absolutions purist mode to be available from the start of the game
The War Z looks like a Zombie game, but with less zombies
Assassin’s Creed 3 will have new challenges and content every month
Tour Mojangs pop up museum, view their beautiful lawsuit documents
Guild Wars 2 crowned UK number one
Resident Evil 6 early copies were stolen, confirms Capcom


The funniest games on Xbox 360
Why do we need the annual blockbuster?
The death of Nintendo Power
Sex sells games – Is there a line?


Mega 64 – Chins down, eyes up
God of War Ascension – Furies trailer
HAWP – Saints Row The Third

Across the Networks

Bluetooth Gloves – Because why not?
In the future, you could be a Hulk without lifting a single weight
This might be the most gorgeous mouse ever designed
The many faces of evil in this new poster and synopsis for Texas Chainsaw 3D
We’re on an ark (sort of) in these new Noah set pics!
Michael Bay comments on leaked Ninja Turtles script
Monday Box Office Report
Shia LeBeouf chases Robert Redford in this first trailer for The company we keep
The Hobbit trilogy gets a precious new title and a final release date
We Review The Watch – A dissapointing film that will mostly have you staring at your watch
Liam Neeson looks moody and points guns at people in these new posters
and pictures for Taken 2

Model: Kate Lovemore

Last Updated: September 3, 2012

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