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In Other News – 05 November 2012

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I’m not looking forward to tonight. I’m not trying to be a party pooper, but Guy Fawkes always gets me down. It has no modern significance for our nation, and for some reason, people always decide to blow crackers right opposite my pad in the park across the road from me. Which leaves my pets in a state of fear where they piss themselves. I honestly hate that night. And if you don’t want to go to a beach to blow some gunpowder, then it’s not my fault if the hosepipe gets left on and aimed in that vicinity. Promise.

In Other News: Zynga begins scuppering, DmC can’t keep up the pace, Mikami grabs some Resident Evil, Red Orchestra gets steamy, Luke uses the force once again and we’re gonna turn left!

Here’s the news that we didn’t publish today, because we were too busy being told by a doctor to cough, please. Oooh, cold hands!


Texas patent firm asks judge to shut down Magic The Gathering: Online
DmC doesn’t run at 60 fps, it just looks that way says Capcom
Is someone starting a League of Legends fantasy league
Resident Evil remake artist working on Mikami’s Project Zwei
DmC Son of Sparda edition detailed
Red Orchestra 2 gets Steam worshop for maps, mods
Zynga begins the process of shutting down 13 games
Team Meat digs up first Mew Genics characters, new art every Caturday


See how much work goes into an amazing cosplay outfit
Overpowered and ridiculous video game weapons
Five video game characters that were meant for one another
Before GTA V – Ten great characters from GTA history


Nascar the game – Inside the line launch trailer
Mass Effect – Trilogy trailer
DmC – Leagacy interview

Across the Networks

Rumour – Luke Skywalker to be the focus of Star Wars Episode 7
Short man overload! Take a look at 17 new character posters for The Hobbit
Monday Box Office Report – Ralph wrecks everything
Kim Basinger steps into the ring for Grudge Match
Rooney Mara has a drug problem in this trailer for Side Effects
JJ Abrams next film might be…animated?
There’s still a killer out there in this Peter Jackson produced documentary, West of Memphis

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Last Updated: November 5, 2012

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