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In Other News – 05 October 2012 Weekend Edition

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Right now, I’m packing my bags for rAge, and some liquid courage into my organs for the flight over. See you there chaps. For everyone else not rocking up this weekend for the expo, have an awesome weekend instead. You’ve earned it.

In Other News: Halo 4 floods in, Wind Waker brought back to clothing life, get smart in Company of Heroes 2, still no Skyrim goodies on the PS3, Liam Neeson returns, snake bite painkillers and a Treehouse of Horror.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy trying to get my bat cowl back while Geoff and Garth played keep-away with it.


A gun shaped controller for the wealthy and insane
Silent Hill Book of memories PS Vita demo now live
Not even the Simpsons iPhone game can escape the Treehouse of Horrors
Halo 4 flood mode, new screens and medal list detailed
Omerta delayed until early 2013
Bethesda – No new info on Skyrim DLC for PS3
Company of heroes 2 calls for smart decision makers
EU gets a white 3DS XL, Mario Kart 7 pre-installed


Love Wind Waker? Put your money where your heart is
DmC – How Capcom turned public opinion around
Why we love it – Tokyo Jungle
Where to next for Cliffy B?


Raiderz – Rengot Village trailer
Mass Effect 3 – Retaliation DLC trailer
Trials Evolution – Origins of pain DLC trailer

Across the Networks

Friday Fight Club – 50 years of hating Bond, with Germany and Russia
Hasbro is still looking to develop films based on bored games
It’s 8 bits of awesome in this new international trailer for Wreck-It Ralph
Here’s the full official version of Adele’s Skyfall theme song, Karaoke style
We Review Taken 2 – An inferior facsimile of the first film
Movies releasing today – Fight,flight,thrills and fiancés
Marky Mark is double crossed in this new trailer for Broken City
It’s an ode to explosions in this first trailer for A good day to Die Hard
This vest will hug you whenever someone likes you on Facebook
The inflatable bicycle helmet is finally on sale
It’s painkillers, made from snake venom

Model: Catalina Otalvaro

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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