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In Other News – 06 July 2012 Edition

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Well, that’s independence week done and dusted. Time is flying way too quick right now, so I’m hoping that this weekend is a slow one. I’m going to be chilling, doing what I do best, as soon as I figure out what that happens to be.

Have a great weekend everyone!

In Other News: The PS4 doesn’t want to go cloudy completely, we reinforce some comic books, Konami promises the bestest ever footie game you guyz, we try our luck auditioning for Max Payne 3 and we witness a presidential filibuster for the ages.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because WAH WAH WAH PART ONE, TWO AND THREE! (Thanks Nick!)


The PS4 will suffer without retails, says Sony
Activision Leeds is developing Call of Duty Mobile
iD hints at a Doom 4 reveal
Rambo video game will be playable at Gamescom
Kingdom Rush comic book announced
One more chance to be in Max Payne 3
Konami – PES 2013 will be the best ever
Wii U will support headsets from day one


What a slimmer PS3 could look like
Why video game reboots are a good thing
Our most regrettable purchases
Top 10 video game controllers


Hitman Absolution – ICA Saints file transfer
Dungeon Fighter Online – Live introduction trailer
Sleeping Dogs – Georges St Pierre trailer

Across the Networks

Is HTC in trouble?
Build your own radar, for free!
Amazon might be developing a smartphone
Olympus has some ugly competition for Google Project Glass
Friday Fight Club – Patriotic Presidential Pugilism
Bryan Singer is going to be invading your webspace with H+
The Hobbit finally finishes shooting
Plenty of new details in these Dark Knight Rises production notes
It’s all leather and guns in these 8 new images for Resident Evil Retribution
Movies out today – Despots, rock stars and dysfunctional parents
Sofia Vergara is a leather-clad maneater in this first on set footage from Machete Kills
This is what the Amazing Spider-Man costume almost looked like

Model: Daria Konovalova

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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