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In Other News – 06 March 2012

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I got a nice surprise this morning, in the form of a review copy of the new Nokia Lumia cellphone. It really is a sexy beast so far, and I can’t wait to take her for a spin later tonight. Except that I won’t get a chance, because I’ll have to start collating entries for that Assassin’s Creed contest that you all rushed to enter.

It should have been Geoff, but he beat me in a game of Rock-Paper-Shotgun when he started playing for realsies. So not only do I have to assemble all the entries on my lonesome, I have to do it with a gaping shotgun wound where my left nipple used to be.

In Other News: Resident Evil gets chatty, Borderlands skips a beta and we boost our chievos with some easy games.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy deciding whether or not shurikens and nerve-gas should be allowed in the amended version of Rock-Paper-Shotgun.


Is Call of Duty all that this industry really is? Asks Peter Molyneux
Mass Effect 3 gets a day one update
Resident Evil 6 will have seamless conversations and lots of voice work
Real time 3D models created with only a Kinect and a DSLR camera
No demo or beta planned for Borderlands 2
Rumor – Valve console could have a modular controller and trackballs
Fruit Ninja Kinect breaks one million downloads
Assassin’s Creed 3 is aiming to look next-gen on the 360 and PS3


Tales of the RPG that I just couldn’t care about
Top ten games set in space
Top 5 games to boost your achievement score
Egoraptor talks about his joke entry on the Tester, vision for the gaming future


Halo 4 – gameplay engine extractions
Gears of War – Forces of Nature DLC gameplay
Mass Effect 3 – Secret crew romance

Across the Networks

New Japanese trailer for Brave ups the epicness!
Jason Segel has had enough of Mupepts
The new trailer for Ice Age 4 wants to prepare you for Continental Drifting
Caset Affleck is jumping in, er, out of the furnace
We review the Muppets – Foot tapping fun for those iconic puppets
New MIB3 trailer – We’re getting too old for getting high and pimp-slapping Andy Warhol while aliens invade
Engineers develop a new form of force feedback for gaming controllers
Say goodbye to the iPad 3, the iPad HD is here to stay

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Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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