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In Other News – 07 May 2012

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I’m not having the best day today, due to the fact that I’m currently living in a power-grid that is obviously run by sub-humans, who were most likely kicked out of Mesopotamia, for being gross,smelly and having underdeveloped craniums.

My power has gone off twice today, but thanks to the fact that I’ve been thrown to the wolves numerous times, I’ve had a back up in the form of a 3G modem and a laptop with battery issues.

At least I managed to get my work done, which leaves me just enough time to tell you about this exciting new game coming out calle- POWER TERMINATED.

In Other News: A film more ridiculous than Piranha 3DD appears, Suda 51 goes on a diet and we examine gaming through dinner metaphors.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was feeding my carrier pigeon Ex-Lax before I sent it off to Eskom.


Assassin’s Creed 3 gets dirty with Ben Franklin
Suda 51 announces the Lollipop Chainsaw diet
Spec Ops The Line gets a demo
Lucasfilm files new video game trademark, for Star Wars 1313
X-Wing successor space fighter game is hanging on its last strings
The future of Madden rests with this guy
Intense violence and more detailed for the Testament of Sherlock Holmes


Creativity – We can do better
E3 2012 – Ten rumours that aren’t coming true
Five life lessons learnt from fighting games
Retronomicon – Chrono Trigger


HAWP – Dinner Metaphors
Renaissance Heroes – Debut Trailer
Screwattack – Top ten games to play on the NES

Across the Networks

Evil Dead 4 is on the way, and Sam Raimi is not happy about it, activates Lawsuit Mode
For the rest of his career, James Cameron will be all Avatar, all the time
Monday Box Office Report – The Avengers Assemble to number one
Watch out for the neighbourhood in this new Red Band trailer
Marvel at this epic trailer for Arjun, Disney’s new Indian produced animated film
We Review Dark Shadows – An uneven, but more enjoyable Burton Depp combo
If you thought that Piranha 3DD looked bad, wait until you see Jersey Shark Attack
The Bioshock Movie might still be on course
Incredible touch sensor technology…From Disney?
New OS X bug exposes glaring password flaw
Finally, a light-saber that can cause some real harm
Lego Avengers, assemble!

Model: Sienna Miller

Last Updated: May 7, 2012

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