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In Other News – 08 September

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It’s a historic today you know. Know, I’m not talking about events such as Star Trek airing for the first time, or the public of Macedonia declaring its independence. I’m talking about more important things, such as the 8th of September marking the period of time where there were only twelve more days to go until Gears of War 3.

Its safe to say that the gang here is getting really amped for the release, what with Gavin planning a two week vacation from the 20th, Nick soundproofing his gaming area so that he doesn’t get disturbed, and Geoff running around chasing our new intern Andrew with a rusty chainsaw attached to a BB gun.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to decide which organs I don’t need, so that I can buy a sweet LED TV with surround sound and 3D capabilities. But onto more important things. Today’s homegrown hottie, thanks to LW Mag, is Danicka Eva Riehl, a Swaziland babe who enjoys watersports and having a great time, whether its at a bar or at a rugby game.

In Other News: We get 8 minutes of Hard Resetting, some scary new Resident Evil screens and go play Angry Birds for real in China. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were busy being buried in lawsuits again.


Nintendo gets sued over the Wii
Misfortune, the steampunk RPG for your browser
DOTA 2 Hero line up and artwork
Raw item list for Diablo 3
Modern Warfare 3 to have instant updating
New Resident Evil screens
Chinese theme park opens actual Angry Birds game, faces lawsuit
Hard Reset will be DRM-free
Team Meat on working with Microsoft and Steam
Square Enix has a new teaser site


Online pass misses the point
8 Frustrating boss battles
Understanding Call of Duty Elite
How Nintendo screwed up the 3DS
Are retailers ruining video games?


Hilarious Dead Island glitches
Diablo 3 Beta demon hunter in action
8 Minutes of Hard Reset gameplay
NBA 2K12 Momentous trailer

Model: Danicka Eva Riehl

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

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