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In Other News – 09 January 2013

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Isabela Milan

Much like most of the human population out there, I may have picked up a few extra kilos over the holiday season. And by extra kilos, I mean the metric fatass kind. So naturally, I’m back on a bicycle and peddling my ass off. While eating smaller chocolate bars and only having 200ml cans of Pepsi. Strangely, I’ve yet to see any weight loss results yet.

In Other News: The PS4 will be home to a Kingdom under fire, it’s H-Hour time, Poison Ivy goes atomic and the best of 2013’s movies all in one easy article.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy drinking a protein gravy sauce shake.


The Raven: legacy of a master thief out now on PSN
Steam Family options unlocked for all users
Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD gets PS Vita comparison shots
PlayStation Now – Sony recommends a 5MBPS connection
MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 coming to PS4 and PC this summer
Your first look at spiritual SOCOM successor H-Hour
Archaic firmware allows hackers to crack 3DS region lock
Atomic Poison Ivy is basically a plant spider thing


World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor rolls back the clock to try and reinvigorate a legend
The Dreamcast wasn’t the first time Sega quit hardware
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – a tower defence series replanted in squad shooter territory
Pokemon fan loses game show, wins hearts


Heroes of Steel – Epic fantasy RPG trailer
Infinite Crisis – Atomic Poison Ivy trailer
Wargame – Red Dragon teaser

What’s on at The Movies

Top List Thursdays – The top movies of 2013
It’s time to train your brain in this new trailer from Snowpiercer
This green band trailer for Bad Words has no such bad words
Gerard Butler in talks to board the Point Break remake
Check out the CES 2027 speech for Robocop, plus new images surface
Me like this first look at the Dinobots in Transformers: Age of Extinction
Steven Spielberg, Steve Zaillian and Javier Bardem looking to resurrect Dalton Trumbo’s 50 year old Montezuma script

Model: Isabela Milan

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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