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In Other News – 09 November 2012 Weekend Edition

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I cannot believe that it’s Friday yet again. This past week has sped by a little too quick for my liking. Still, I’ll be hoping to escape the gravity well that PE seems to be stuck in then, for a little R&R. Have a good one guys, and make the most of the following two days break.

In Other News: Aliens in a Crysis, Sonic gets another chance, Link swaps genders, Borderlands aims for Mac, Marky Mark battles Decepticons and a zombie romance that you won’t believe.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy getting ready for Tickle Fight Club.


When Aliens meet Crysis, good things happen
Street Fighter Alpha 2 on GOG for $6
Check out this elaborate and crazy Wii U prototype
Father flips Link’s gender to make his daughter the heroine
Silicon Knights ordered to destroy unsold copies of X-Men Destiny and Too Human
Firefall Beta weekends dated – Sign ups now open
Mac version of Borderlands 2 on the way
Sonic the Hedgehog getting new digital and boxed games in 2013


What do you know, all this time we got QTE wring
Same title, different game
Movie posters recreated using Team Fortress 2
The worst DS games ever


F1 Race Stars – Xbox 360 demo gameplay
Warface – Co-Op gameplay trailer
RaiderZ – Sewer fight trailer

Across the Networks

This charger from Volvo is exactly what electric cars need today
Would you fly in an airplane that had no seats?
Listen to Russell Crowe sing his heart  out in this new international trailer for Les Miserables
Propaganda – The Lightsaber
Toy Story 3 scribe Michael Arndt writing for Star Wars Episode 7?
The Wolf Pack returns in these behind the scenes photos from The Hangover 3
Mark Wahlberg confirmed for Transformers 4, new logo revealed
Movies Out Today – Horror and Hysteria abounds
Love is dead in this new trailer for Warm Bodies
Watch the world burn in this trailer for World War Z

Model: No idea, so…Princess Leia

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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