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In Other News – 09 October 2012

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Sweet merciful Minerva, there are plenty of games coming out this month. Dishonoured is looking damn good, Forza Horizon has me excited and Assassin’s Creed returns on two platforms at the end of October. And that’s just for starters. Which might explain why my HAL 9000 bank account refuses to give me money to go splurge on those games, while blasting dubstep remixes of old songs. “I’m sorry Darryn, but I can’t allow you to do that…”

In Other News: Forza Horizon goes 60 new photos a feature, win some awesome Blu Ray DVDs with Nu Metro, get to know the Mechromancer, a Populous god returns, fake green eggs and ham and a vending machine tells us that we’re fat.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy gathering anime and comic book fans to form Cosplayeritron, the most evil being in existence according to one hilariously stupid and misguided article.


Forza Horizon – 60 new car shots
Fake Bad Piggies Chrome app installs adware – 80 000 affected
That isn’t Kevin Butler, Bridgestone claims
Primal Carnage roars into open beta for all pre-orders
Painkiller: Hell Damnation gets new screens and special edition details
College poster banned for featuring a NES zapper
Forza Horizon demo hits XBLA marketplace
Populous developer making a new god sim


Borderlands 2s Mechromancer class might just be it’s best playable character
Dishonoured Runes locations guide
25 video games that are terrible, offensive, controversial and should not exist
Token video game characters distract from the real stories


Sanctum – Still Alive trailer
Liberation Maiden – Black Box trailer
Dishonoured – Killstep montage

Across the Networks

Oh my! This droid is fluent in a million forms of geek
Rumour – Apple has ordered 10 million iPad mini tablets
New vending machines will display how much you’re buying
Screenwriter Jon Spaihts talks about the Prometheus that never was
Anne Hathaway has a low self esteem
Are you ready for a Toy Story of terror?
Win a 3D Blu Ray hamper with Nu Metro!
The Bloodsport remake will have nothing to do with Bloodpsort or JCVD
50 Shades of Grey finds a writer to crack that whip
We Review Ruby Sparks – An intelligent, insightful and accessible romance
Lindsay Lohan gets trippy with a porn star in this grindhouse trailer for The Canyons
Will Nicolas Cage exponentially add to the crazy ensemble in Kick Ass 2?

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