In Other News – 10 June 2013

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While Geoff and Darryn prepare for the awesomeness that is E3, I woke up this morning to weather that made me want to cry.  So here is a hot, hairy man to warm you up.  See, proof that men don’t need to shave their chests… unless their chest hair is ugly and weird.

In Other News: Final Fantasy XIII-3 might be coming to PC, more companies are horrible to developers, and the Harvest Moon creator makes another cheesy game I want.

Here’s the news we didn’t print because I was too jealous of the boys eating El Pollo Loco in LA, where the low is 15°C.


The Ghostbusters will bust a move in Just Dance 2014

Final Fantasy XIII-3 coming to PC?

Dungeon Defenders studio, Trendy Entertainment, a horrible place to work

EA still going to support current gen for many more years

Dragon Age info coming at EA’s E3 press conference


Mario Russian Matryoshka doll – shirt

$3.5billion spent in US of A on games in Q1 of 2013

Nintendo characters drawn in Tetris blocks

Game of Thrones, season 3 as done on Facebook


E3 trailer for HomeTown story from Harvest Moon creator

New Killer is Dead Trailer from Suda 51

Dark’s E3 trailer makes me less interested in the game

Model: Dane Goodwin

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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