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In Other News – 11 September 2012

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Summer is coming. I’m beginning to realise that I may not need to sleep wrapped up in several blankets that happen to be on fire to keep warm, and that means that I can also stop duct-taping cats to my body as a makeshift thermal layer. I personally can’t wait for warm nights again, sitting by a fire and laughing with friends. How about you guys? Yay or nay on summer?

In Other News: Hit the runway as a Hitman, use the word gaymer and get sued, some hidden extras in Tekken, EA ain’t evil, Starcraft was once broken, we say goodbye to Andriansang and mushrooms save the day.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy making executive decisions with our executive superpowers in the executive bathroom of executive evil.


Hitman Absolution gets a clothing line
ARMA developers arrested for allegedly spying
The full story of Final Fantasy 7 recreated in Little Big Planet 2
Japanese gaming news site Andriasang closes down
Owner of Gaymer trademark sends a cease and desist letter to Reddit
Would you pay for an in-game item that you lose when you die?
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC characters found on Xbox 360 disc
EA exec swears that his company is not evil


Oh god, dinosaur Pokémon – Here come the nightmares again
Has Samus Aran become purely a sex symbol?
Starcraft was once a busted pile of crap
Still playing – Vanquish


War of Angels – Gameplay trailer
Smite – Developer Diary: Thor reveal
Mario is too mainstream

Across the Networks

Fungus might be able to save the rarest classical instruments on the planet
Emma Watson is infectious
This bike will evolve to any terrain
Go behind the scenes of the stunts of Taken 2
Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Christopher Walken create music and strife in this first trailer for A late Quartet
New Line is looking to fast track development on Y the last man
Listen to a famous speech in a trailer for a trailer in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln
Daniel Radcliffe’s Horns has possessed a few new cast members
Joss Whedon talks Guardians of the galaxy
New Thor: The Dark World set pics reveal Lady Sif in action

Model: Shay Laren

Last Updated: September 11, 2012

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