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In Other News – 12 February 2013

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Jessica Burciaga

Bah, I’m flying tonight and as usual, my nerves are on edge. Still, I’m at a point where I can just go to my mental happy place, a mind-joy palace if you will, and soothe myself. Why look, I’m in there now, and there are games, comics and a hall of Iron Man armours…Geoff, what the hell are you doing in here? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

In Other News: Beating Xenomorphs without firing a shot, giving up on Kickstarter, getting drunk at a video game show, race for real and free, a God of War ascends, Dodge and Twist is not the name of a new buddy cop movie and the greatest love stories in gaming.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy finding my soul mate.


Aliens Colonial Marine level finished by critic without even firing once
Real Racing 3 melts rubber on Feb 28, going free to play
BAFTA 2013 game nominees announced, Journey leads the pack
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct skips Wii U in Australia
Drunk dudes make video game award shows a little less awkward
EA turned down consultancy from the man who shot Bin Laden
Here’s one developer who doesn’t fight piracy, he embraces it
Gas Powered Games cancels Wildman Kickstarter


What 2012 taught me about being a frugal gamer
Keeping it scary – The problem with the horror franchise
Nobuo Uematsu: Master of Boss Themes
The top seven greatest love stories in gaming


Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen – New enemies trailer
God of War Ascension – From ashes trailer
Neverwinter – Cleric trailer

Across the Networks

Celebrate 85 years of the Oscars with this Olly Moss poster
Sandra Bullock is going to lead some Minions as Scarlet Overkill
Get educated in this new Monsters University trailer
Find an adventure of your own in this new full trailer for Jack the giant slayer
Sony is going to Dodge and Twist their way into a reimagined Oliver Twist tale
Check out the Man of Steel cast…in plastic form
Amanda Seyfried is looking for A million ways to die in the west
Writers Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg talk Star Wars Episode 7

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Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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