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In Other News – 13 December 2012

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You might have noticed that today, our ION lady happens to be from Not South Africa. LW Mag is on a short break right now for the silly season, but they’ll return in the new year with all new homegrown hotties for the lot of ya! I bet you guys just cannot wait, huh?

In Other News: Bioware plans more weeuweeuwee for their Mass Effect franchise, jiggly fighters are headed to the PS Vita, Far Cry 3 patches things up on PC, the iOS gets taste of Final Fantasy music and because you demanded it, more Channing Tatum.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy cleaning my man cave and throwing out code 10-07s.


Little Big Planet 2 gets Vita cross control DLC next week
Tearing open the Wii U reveals some crazy Nintendo decisions
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy out now on iOS
Two companies are fighting like mutant dogs over the Stalker franchise
Walking Dead creator offers prizes through iOS game
Far Cry 3 PC patch 1.03 out now – Updates listed
Dead or Alive 5 Vita date confirmed
Bioware has more plans for Mass Effect on Wii U


The smartest and the dumbest things that Nintendo did in 2012
the 21 coolest indies coming your way in 2013
A sad reminder that some Kickstarter games don’t work out as planned
Viewtiful Joe remake: Make it happen Nintendo


God of War" Ascension – Evil ways trailer
Neverwinter – Chasm trailer
Kinect Party – Debut trailer

Across the Network

Logan is going to have hard Nippons in this new motion poster for The Wolverine
Top List Thursday – Top ten Christmas movies that aren’t about Christmas
Looks like Mark Wahlberg is going to hack the planet with teh cyber-terrorisms
This new GI Joe Retaliation trailer has more explosions and more Channing Tatum
Peter Jackson to start work on Tintin 2 next year
JJ Abrams and Benedict Cumbermatch talks Star Trek into Darkness villain
It’s time to delay the apocalypse in this first trailer for Pacific Rim

Model: Alice Goodwin

Last Updated: December 13, 2012

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