In Other News – 13 June 2013

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Yet another cold day, although I must say that I’ve been keeping warm playing games that Geoff would kill for but can’t play because he’s at E3.  At last, the jealousy is reversed!  In any event, here’s all the news we didn’t print because we were drawing up plans for battle robots.

The lovely lady today is provided by our friends over at LWMag, Danielle apparently can down three guys and giggle.. or did I read that wrong?

In Other News: The Witcher 3 will remember all the debauchery from The Witcher 2, police cars take away from fantasy elements, and I’m still really excited for Dragon Age.


Here’s a list of confirmed games for Xbox One

As well as a list for PS4

Witcher 3 will use your Witcher 2 save file to remind you who you slept with before

Get ready to die again, a lot, in Dark Souls 2


There’s a hidden feminist statement at E3

Cops called to shut down the OUYA guys in the E3 parking lot

Some Japanese gamers don’t think FFXV is fantasy enough


Game play of The Crew

Dragon Age Inquisition trailer

Batman Arkham Origins Gameplay Demo

Model: Danielle Chirnside

Last Updated: June 13, 2013

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