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In Other News – 13 May 2014

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There’s a lot of foods that I don’t dig, as do most people. For instance, I’d rather jump into a beehive than touch a bottle of tomato sauce. But thanks to one NSFW video, I will never ever look at grapefruit the same way again. Ever.

In Other News: Watch Dogs takes the pre-order piss, Sunset Overdrive wants your co-operation, The PS4 sparkles next week and a legend passes on.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today because GLORGGHAUWLAUGHLLLWOWGLORGGHAUW!


Watch Dogs has this many different pre-order editions
Elder Scrolls Online patch 1.08 tweaks combat and quests
Sparkle 2 coming to PS4 and Vita next week
Sunset Overdrive will have online co-op
Xbox 360 updates for Titandall still on the horizon
Marvel returns to Facebook in Avengers Alliance Tactics
First-person platformer A story about my Uncle hits steam this month
EVE Online explains its new expansion model, opens store testing


Making Fract as a family
Monument Valley creator Ustwo on App Store success and what comes next
Why are players of 30-year-old games still chasing new high scores?
10 things that you may not know about Skyrim


Insanity’s Blade – Debut trailer
How to train your dragon 2 – Debut trailer
Valiant Hearts:The Great War – Gameplay trailer

What’s on at The Movies

You should be watching – Bob’s Burgers
Get taught the techniques of the Hadou in this trailer for Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist
Netflix’s Daredevil will be one 13 hour movie
These new images and poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction are completely metal
The Kickboxer reboot finds a director and cast
Legendary artist HR “Alien” Giger has died
X-Men and Fantastic Four will not take place in a shared universe after all
Zack Snyder teases the new Batmobile

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Last Updated: May 13, 2014

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