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In Other News – 14 October Weekend Edition

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Its the beginning of the end of an era here at Lazygamer. One of the highlights we’ve had this year, has had to be raging debates between Forza and Gran Turismo fans. We’ve had logical discussions, flame-bait material and some comments that must have been typed from the wardens office at the local loony bin.

So with Forza 4 finally on our shores today, we’re going to be seeing a lot less hate on the site for exclusive franchises probably. Until then, we’ve still got the vigorous discussions revolving around Battlefield and Modern Warfare going on currently, but that’s a whole different kind of crazy fanboy dedication. But you know what? Its those very debates that make it all worthwhile to post such stories for you guys.

In Other News: Batman games that no one wants to play, Nintendo characters who really need their own starring game and we object to the new additions in ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy pretending to be stars in reasonably priced cars.

This week on Lazygamer

Evopoints downloads of the week – 14/10
Forza 4 Review – The king of the road says you move too slow

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review – Call-sign of Duty
X-Men Destiny Review – Gene-ration X
Cyborg R.A.T 7 Gaming mouse Review
Flamebait Friday Debate: Do we need religion in our video games?
How much would it cost? The ultimate gaming setup
Massive Forza 4 Photo Gallery: You won’t believe your eyes

Syndicate release date revealed
Forza 4 updates tweaks performance,removes exploits
Resident Evil Revelations to have a collectors edition
Rockstar announces a triple XP weekend for Red Dead Redemption
New Battlefield details on health and weapons
Rocksteady says that Arkham City will not have a demo
Dark Souls sequel won’t be as difficult, but it won’t be any easier
Phoenix Wright and Nova revealed for Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3
Doom 3 modded to look even better than Rage


How Popcap acquired EA
Are there too many sequels out right now?
The worst Batman games in history
What we want to see in Red Dead Redemption 2 
Nintendo Characters that need their own game


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Change the world trailer
Syndicate Origins trailer
Phoenix Wright UMVC3 Reveal trailer
Goldeneye Reloaded multiplayer trailer

Hey Gears of War 3 fans! I bet you’re here looking for more Savage Kantus DLC codes, aren’t ya?
Here they are, as promised:


Last Updated: October 14, 2011

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