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In Other News – 16 October 2012 Testicular Tuesday Edition

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Sweet chocolate covered bacon, I am starting to get fat. Time to start exercising, so that I can lose some kilos, before I start to resemble Pizza the Hut. Idea! Go jogging – In my batsuit! If I don’t lose weight, my premature death will still make for one awesome newspaper headline!

In Other News: Some fantastic Mass Effect cosplay that may not finish the fight, EA plugs one helluva hole, the Wii U pro controller has a crazy battery life, Minecraft gets creative and Carrie throws a fit.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy trying to find AA batteries, which are exceptionally rare in PE.


Dead or Alive 5 DLC new costume packs surface
Epic Mickey 2 screens will blind you with colour
Wii U pro controller has a 80 hour battery life
Jet Set Radio Vita delayed
Minecraft Adventure update hits XBLA today
After 12 days, one WOW player hits the level 90 cap without killing anything
EA and Origin plug up unintended game giveaway
Two more key developers leave Bioshock Infinite


Terrific Mass Effect cosplay may or may not survive this fight
Quick Time Events – Never the right solution
Zombies in games  -Is it time to kill them off?
Ten great gaming bromances


Planetside 2 – We’re at war
Flavour Monsters – NYCC 2012 trailer
DmC – NYCC 2012 Trailer

Across the Networks

Watch the Felix Baumgartner jump from face first position
Nikon wants to make a throwing camera
Take a quick peek inside the workshop of a Mythbuster
Mark Millar wants to build one universe for both Marvel and Fox
Jim Carrey has a joint to case in Loomis Fargo
Hugo Weaving isn’t keen on becoming the Red Skull again
Elysium and Robocop get new release dates
Bronze Lion is ready to fight in this new trailer for The man with the Iron Fists
Marvel Movie News round-up – Ant-Man gets a date, Thor gets a synopsis
Aaron Paul has found his Need for Speed
Something supernatural happened in this first teaser trailer for Carrie

Model: Chris Hemsworth

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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