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In Other News – 17 February 2012 Weekend Edition

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Man oh man, am I tired. Which is why I thank Batman that such things as weekends exist. This time last weekend, I was looking after the cutest little Labrador puppy ever, and although the chubby little bundle of love had a beautiful nature, he also came equipped with rank coffee breath and adamantium teeth.

So yeah, this is a me-weekend for sure. Which will probably revolve around a complete lack of pants, junk food and excellent science fiction TV shows. Hey, it’s heaven for me, and hell for whoever knocks on my door.

In Other News: Atlus teases us, Gears of War fights a force of nature and why Hollywood can suck it when it comes to video game movies.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was too busy being a majestic madman in a blue box.


Details on the final Gears of War DLC map-pack, Forces of nature
Alistair Overeem to be paid DLC in March for UFC Undisputed 3
Syndicate plays differently compared to other shooters, says Starbreeze
Fourth character revealed for Risen2: Dark Waters
Atlus USA teases a new game
Xbox 360 update adresses colour issues
Assassins Creed recollection is now free
Kingdoms of Amalur os good for the economy


Why Mass Effect should have an HBO series
These PS3 enhancements will stop any PS4 talk
A beginners guide to Kingdoms of Amalur
Ace Attorney is the best video game movie ever made (Take that Hollywood!)


Prototype 2 – Cinematic intro
Far Cry 3 – Living Island interview
Mortal Kombat – Vita debut trailer

This week on Lazygamer

FFD: Do video game trailers get you excited enough to buy a game?
The sexiest galaxy of Mass Effect babes that you will ever see
Your essential guide to the Sims 3 expansion packs
What in the hell happened to Agent?
Gamings best couples
Everything that you ever needed to know about the PS Vita

Across the Networks

Mass Effect gets ready to max your credit card
The 99% can’t afford this Gucci bicycle
Lego finally unveils their official Minecraft set
Ben Stiller is the latest edition to an all star cast of Oscar presenters
Nicklelodeon gets ready to slime Taylor Swift and Will Smith next month
Writer Simon Kinsberg speaks on the X-Men first class sequel, says focus is on Magneto
Get ready to saddle up for the New West
Red band Wanderlust trailer gets Jennifer Aniston high and takes part in an orgy with Malin Ackerman
Movies releasing today: Local comedies face off against international hits
Gael Garcia Bernal gets ready to slash a future Z on the next Zorro film

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Last Updated: February 17, 2012

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