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In Other News – 18 December 2012

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It’s going to be a heck of a week before the Christmas season, I tells ya. We’re still here, expect for Geoff that is, as we forced him into a vacation cannon and blasted him away a few days earlier. But the rest of us are still barely alive and kicking! We’ve got the week to have our annual awards for gaming, awards that are scientifically proven to be the bestest in the world. So stay tuned for more of that!

In Other News: Star Trek goes great, THQ considers some more charity work, Steam gets some NiGHTS, Jackie Chan wants to break his body in The Expendables 3, fake advertising in gaming and a Smurfs trailer that will leave you feeling blue.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy breaking voting deadlocks by forcing hobos to battle one another while representing various games.


THQ considering Linux and other platforms after Humble Bundle success
Halo 4 problem bannings – Microsoft says less than 200 players affected
NiGHTS into dreams flies onto Steam
Borderlands 2 next DLC has danger, excitement and moustaches!
Tim Schafer – Publishers are not your parents
EA to be removed from NASDAQ 100 list
Carmack believes that many games will still target 30 FPS
Angry Birds Star Wars hits Facebook


Next year, you’ll be able to buy your own Half Life 2 gravity gun
Why do Square Enix develop so many social games?
Top ten Megaman robot masters
Top 3 false advertisements in gaming


Unchained blades – 3DS trailer
Primal fears – Gameplay trailer
Tomb Raider – Guide to Survival episode 01

Across the Network

The trailer for Smurfs 2 leaves me feeling a bit blue
There is greatness in this new trailer for Star Trek into Darkness
Director Joseph Kosinski wants to bring sci-fi back into the daylight with Oblivion
Tuesday Box Office Report – One Hobbit to rule them all
Could Transformers 4 have a planet-eating big bad and ancient bots in store?
The devil went down to Georgia for this new trailer for The Haunting 2
We review Life of Pi – Amazing visuals but muddled vision 

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Last Updated: December 18, 2012

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