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In Other News – 18 January 2013 Weekend Edition

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Darryn’s ADSLess diary, day 2: No longer permanently connected to the net, and having to rely on a Cell C 3G connection that is slower than trying to teach a snail foreplay, I have reached the end of my tether. Factor in a bad neck presumably picked up from a night sleeping in Kama Sutra practice positions, and my temper is at an all time high, just waiting to explode. Just waiting, waiting…

In Other News: Grimrock sell big, no Tomb Raider demo on the horizon because of story, Sony wants a billion dollars for their old HQ, girls in bikinins the movie and John McClane shares a bonding walking away from an explosion moment with his son.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today because OH BOD MY NECK! THE PAIN, THE PAIN! I JUST GOT DEEP HEAT IN MY EYES! CURSE YOU CTHULU!


Call of Duty survey hints at next-gen downloads
Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition swings onto Wii U this March
There’s a Domo game coming to iOS, rejoice
No pre-launch Tomb Raider demo for the sake of story, says Crystal Dynamics
Sony to sell US headquarters for $1.1 billion
Legend of Grimrock passes 600000 sales
Second update incoming for Resident Evil 6
PSN maintenance extended


Five reasons why Yakuza 5 is not for me
Don’t be afraid of PC Gaming
Do video games make you violent? An in depth look at everything we know today
Forget Final Fantasy remakes, I want a new Bushido Blade


Halo 4 – Spartan Ops season 2 walkthrough
Monster Hunter 3 – Ultimate features trailer
Cello Fortress – Debut trailer

Across the Network

These two trailers for Spring breakers are going to cause some trouble now
Cool families walk away from explosions in these images for A good day to Die Hard
Movies out today – Slaves, starving proletarians and soccer stars
This first trailer for Emperor has some good ol’ fashioned American Swagger
Bruce Willis hasn’t killed anyone in months in the trailer for Red 2
There lots of pain and gain in this trailer for The Brass Teapot
Terminator finds a new writer
Take a first look at Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

Model: Polly (I have no idea to be honest, but I doubt that anyone is going to complain today…right?)

Last Updated: January 18, 2013

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